28th Jul2015

American Shaolin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Hello Stallone Fans, this Time after long absence I am just back with some unique upcoming News. We live in a world where we are constinatly in...

25th Oct2013

#HarrisonFord besides #BenedictCumberbatch talking about the Expendables 3

Really enjoyed watching this clip here: check it out

25th Oct2013

How #EddieMurphy is talking about @TheSlyStallone & #Rocky

So much fun, Eddie is also a Legend, hope to see him on stage again. One of the best comedians!

25th Oct2013

Really Funny, @Schwarzenegger trys to talk like @TheSlyStallone on Leno

This is so much fun and I really like it share it enjoy the moment.

24th Oct2013

Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman on David Letterman! Amazing!

Absolutely Amazing Video on David Letterman with Distin Hoffman & Robert De Niro. I know it´s an old show, but just found it and it´s really funny....

24th Oct2013

Great Cgi Expendables 2 Video from Worldwide Fx studio

Amazing video will blow your mind, watch it, commentand share it! visit http://wwfx.net/

17th Oct2013


Can you please contact Mr. Stallone? No. This is a fan website. I have no contact/connection with Sly’s business agents. Can you send me an autographed photo?...

16th Oct2013

Escape Plan Premier with @Schwarzenegg & @TheSlyStallone

Great Premier, hope you like it!  

16th Oct2013

Grudge Match Teaser Poster!

This looks good, hope to see more soon!

16th Oct2013

Escape Plan Sylvester Stallone on Lettermann

The only Actor in the world to be in 1# Movie each of the last five decades.. Sylvester Stallone! How old is this guy, Lettermann wants to...

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