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It´s your will, decision, your inspiration and your private story that keeps the spirit of Stallone alive. Rocky & Rambo made millions at the boxoffice but more important Sylvester Stallone reached the heart of billions wordwide. Sylvester Stallone is a true living Legend. One of the most popular movie stars of all time.

I am proud to present this area on my website.

I hope we will have a great time in discovering your storys about Stallone. Here I will post how you became a fan, how he inspired you and still keep doing it. Which movies you like/love and how Stallone movies changed your life.

9th of September Another Rocky

Here is the first true story of a true fan, he is more than a fan, he keeps the spirit of Rocky alive in Philadelphia, he is more than a look alike. Find out how he became Another Rocky.

Being Sly,

Great job with your site! If it’s one thing that’s kept me focused for the last thirty odd years it’s been emulating Stallone and keeping the Rocky Philosophy alive.

I think your site will reach a great number of old and new fans. I’d bet dollars to door knobs that word will spread about Being Sly.

I’m a product of the 1970’s and ’80’s. Back then there were no computers to get your passion across. When inspiration struck us, we acted it out. Most people grew out of this phase, but not me.

I kept at it for thirty-four years. So much so, that I became Philadelphia’s premier Rocky impersonator as well as writing a memoir – Cue The Rocky Music.

Though, the books theme revolves around Rocky, the story is universal.

Everyone has a dream, a dilemma in their life, “Am I ever gonna make it?” Then you get to a point were you say, “I may not be the best in the world, but I can be the best in my life.”

My story is your story and anyone who’s dared to follow their dreams or told they couldn’t. It took me nearly thirty years to reach my goal of being Rocky. I wore a Superman costume under my school clothes to help me fight off playground bullies; a lack of physical prowess that landed me last in sports. And forget about girls. I never got the dating game. If I brought ’em flowers, they were allergic. If I got ’em chocolate, they were diabetic.

Then, I really got the chance to go toe-to-toe with life to see how tough I was. All the while, I had these bizarre encounters with Stallone, culminating with a week on the set of ROCKY BALBOA and the friends I made …. that changed my life.

It started in 1979. I saw Rocky on T.V. for the first of many viewings. When those giant white letters scrolled across the screen R O C K Y – I was hooked. The music was a concerto of courage and love, muscle and dignity. The music made me want to achieve something, anything. Rocky changed my cells at a molecular level. It was the first thing I heard in the morning and the last before bed.

The Rocky theme is the purest form of passion I’ve ever heard.

I knew then, Rock’s hat and coat was his suit if armor. The world saw a hardened shell, but underneath he was every nobody who needed somebody.

If I was gonna get past school yard bullies, I’d need a suit of armor.

Enter my Grandfather, a retired miner, saw promise in me. He had this old leather coat and black fedora that he gave me one night – and I never looked back. I walked the streets of Scranton, bouncing a rubber ball, dressed as Rocky. I was thirteen.

As you can read in my book, life progressed for many around me, school, career, etc…

All I wanted to be was Rocky – but I couldn’t fight. I wasn’t an angry person. I loved life, I just didn’t know what to do.

In 2006 friends entered me into a national Rocky look alike contest. Yes, 2006. I went from career to career never finding “the job”.

Let me wrap up by telling you how dedication can pay off.

It was a very hot day in September and I was wearing the gray sweat look from Rocky 2, including the red head band and black Chuck Taylors. But I wasn’t sure anyone was buying me as Rocky. I walked along Kelly Drive, along the Art Museum to the front, “The Rocky Steps”.

Cars were beeping, drivers and passengers yelling, “Yo, Rocky!”, “Adrian!” . I thought, okay, we got potential. Every, time my foot touched the pavement, I saw a moment from my life, how I got here.

I waited to the side of the steps as tourist and Rocky fans ran the steps (as they do all day) and I got more than a few looks.

Finally, I saw the two tour buses pull to the base of the steps and I took a deep breath. This was my moment – I’m being paid to bring the very best of Rocky to tourist from Austria. I found my job.

As I walked over, Mike was no loner there. It was all Rocky. No doubts, just my passion helping other fans to keep Rocky alive.

We posed for pictures and then we all ran the steps! My heart was beating like Indian war drums as I hit the top step, raising my arms in victory.

And it’s been amazing ever since. No regrets.

Never hide, follow your dreams.

Best of Life,


Mike Kunda

sly and mike
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