27th Jun2013

The Escape Plan Trailer

26th Jun2013

Expendables Trilogy Website on beingsly.com

I am proud to present you my Expendables Website on beingsly.com/expendables Hope you like it and enjoy it, best ersen

26th Jun2013

Jerry Bruckheimer about Beverly Hills Cop with Sly & more

Finally Bruckheimer gets his Star on the Walk of Fame.   From the article: Would we still hold “Beverly Hills Cop” in such high regard today if...

25th Jun2013

13 People Who Prove It’s Never Too Late For A Career Change on Huffington Post

Here is a screenshot of Stallone ´s part. Full article/Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/24/never-late-change-careers_n_3460618.html?ir=Business

25th Jun2013

Stallone Tattoo Collection

From the article: The 66-year-old action movie star made a special appointment at the MD tattoo studio in Hollywood for a new piece of body art, even...

23rd Jun2013

@TheCarlWeathers made my Day

This is such an honor, I love Carl Weathers and he actually tweeted back, Apollo was my Hero beside Rocky in the early 80´s and still there...

23rd Jun2013

Stallone Picture at Heathrow Airport

Source:Stallone´s & more celebs Click Link

23rd Jun2013

Stallone wants Wesley Snipes?

What do you think abou it?

21st Jun2013

Statham on Homefront & Fast 7

From the arcticle: One script that did land in his lap: This fall’s Homefront, which Sylvester Stallone adapted from the Chuck Logan novel about a former DEA...

19th Jun2013

Jimmy Hoffa and Stallone´s “Fist” Great Article

Just found this article, great read. Watch the movie it´s awesome. From the article: Sylvester Stallone played a character based on him in F.I.S.T. in 1978. Five...