21st Aug2013

Press Release from Lionsgate and Millennium Films on Expendables 3

Lionsgate and Millennium Films have officially announced that filming has started along with the full cast and a synopsis. Here’s the press release: Lionsgate and Millennium Films...

21st Aug2013

To Make You Smile :)

I always like a good laugh, you may have seen this before, but it always makes me smile.

21st Aug2013

Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Live about being in the Expendables 3

I love his interviews, he really has fun doing this playing around stuff.

21st Aug2013

New Great Expendables 3 Set Photos

This looks amazing! Wesley, Couture, Stallone, Crews and Statham. I love it!  

20th Aug2013

Mel Gibson is Ready for Ex3

Now that is cool. Mel Gibson looks fantastic!

19th Aug2013

What´s Your Story?

Were you at the theatre in 1976 watching Rocky, or like me was it completely unplanned? Has Sly forever changed your life? We want to know what...

19th Aug2013

EX 3 on the set

On the Set of Expendables 3, five great photos from Comingsoon.net

19th Aug2013

New: Rambo action figure and video game

Action figure limited edition with pre-order of RAMBO: THE VIDEO GAME.

18th Aug2013

Wesley & Terry Together

Here is a great picture with Wesley Snipes and Terry Crews. #WesleyisBack !!!

18th Aug2013

More Sly fun facts

The Italian Stallion believes in conquering your fears the very hard way. Having come to terms with his fear of heights by filming up the Dolomite mountains...