18th Aug2013

Getting production ready

A Bulgarian news site reports that Sly Stallone has landed in Sofia and is working with the production team to prep for filming. hey also gave us...

18th Aug2013

Liam Hemsworth is talking about Sly and The Expendables

Found this great clip from Jimmy Kimmel: Just check it out!

18th Aug2013

Steven Seagal to be in EX 3?

Steven Seagal linked with The Expendables 3   Are Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson the next to sign up for The Expendables 3…? As one of the...

18th Aug2013

Mel to be in Bulgaria by end of week

This Bulgarian article wrote the following, (rough translation) “Mel Gibson is expected to arrive in Bulgaria by the end of this week, Harrison Ford – in early...

18th Aug2013

Robert Davi to be in EX 3

This is surprising, actor/singer Robert Davi has joined the cast of EX3: “Our good friend Robert Davi joined us on the phone today to break the news...

17th Aug2013

We need your support!

We are dedicated to creating the best Sylvester Stallone website of the highest quality. Your comments ensure the Being Stallone service to you and help us extend...

16th Aug2013

Wesley Snipes has arrived to shoot EX.3

Wesley Snipes landed in Sofia today for shooting Expendables 3!

14th Aug2013

Update on EX 3

Hollywoodnews reports that a 24 year old actor named Glen Powell has signed on to appear in Expendables 3. His character is described as a computer hacker,...

14th Aug2013

Early Sly . . .

If Stallone took a pittance in order to star in Rocky, he was canny enough to take a percentage point on the profits. But when Sly complained...

13th Aug2013

Expendables 3

  Boaz Davidson, the Executive Producer on Expendables 3 posts the full cast list on his Facebook + video of Sly arriving in Sofia & speaking with...