06th Aug2013

Stallone on EX 3

Sly Stallone Confirms Harrison Ford’s Role In THE EXPENDABLES 3; Bruce Willis Won’t Return Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/BatFreak/news/?a=84959#KKIpg78RMvKpiRHv.99 Sly Stallone Confirms Harrison Ford’s Role In THE EXPENDABLES...

31st Jul2013

Great German / Austria Escape Plan Poster @TheSlyStallone @Schwarzenegger

Just found this: The Escape Plan German /Austria Poster Tagline: Entkommen oder Sterben means Escape or Die. Great Poster, check it out!   Escape plan will open...

30th Jul2013

Permanent Stallone Quotes on Beingsly.com

Hi everybody, I have added over 160  Stallone Quotes to Beingsly.com from Stallone Movies and from the Legend Sylvester Stallone himself.

30th Jul2013

Bill Pruitt Artist Americana – A Must See for Sly Fans

Well just found Bill again on Twitter, here is his Twitter Page @BillPruitt_Art  just follow him. Also Sylvester Stallone personally knows him very well. On his Website...

30th Jul2013

Fan Problems!

I decided to put this under “Being Stallone” as it regards my obsession with Sly, but I’m almost certain it could pass under “Being Entertained” as well!...

30th Jul2013

David Morrell: Interview with Rambo´s Father (beingsly.com 2008)

I am here with David Morrell, the writer of First Blood and a lot of other cool books. This is the very first official interview for Beingsly.com....

29th Jul2013
Hello there!

Favorite Sly Movie

As you probably know, Sly’s movies have a wide span. There’s the classics: Rocky and Rambo Thrillers: Eye See You Comedy: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,...

29th Jul2013

#GrudgeMatch & #EscapePlan Counter on Beingsly.com

Hope you like our Release Date Counter for Escape Plan & Grudge Match!

27th Jul2013

Sylvester Stallone to Return as Rocky Balboa in Spin Off Creed

Great Article: Hollywood superstar, Sylvester Stallone is all set to reprise his iconic role of Rocky Balboa for MGM Studio’s Creed. The studio is also in talks...

25th Jul2013

Stallone Movies, Release Dates, Coming Soon

Sly has been keeping us very excited and busy with all of his upcoming movies! It can get a little crazy if your trying to keep up...